Six of my unusual programs for you – tested and worked out

Here is my list of six unusual programs that you may like to install after installing Windows on your system. These programs are personally tested by me and found to be very good from my personal experience. Although I do not guarantee each and every aspect of these programs so you should also personally test them before using them.

Magic ISO


Magic ISO is a nice tool for handling all your CD DVD’s options and backing them up when you require. It also has the compatibility of handling a uif file that is a compatible version of ISO file. You can also use it to mount your ISO files without expecting them. I’ve been using this from around 4 to 5 years, and it has given me nice design is without any problems.

P.S – make sure to make a list of these programs using Microsoft Excel that can be freely downloaded anytime with activator and crack on various websites.

Revo uninstaller pro

If you want to remove a program completely from your system without leaving any trace of it, then Revo Uninstaller Pro is a nice tool for you. You can also use it to extend trial programs from their trial limits. It may be little costly, but it can save your budget for various little trial programs.


Puush is a nice tool for taking screenshots and uploading them to Imgur. It is a handy alternative of those who do not want to use the gyazo website and want to upload directly to Imgur.
Puush also directly copies the URL of the image file to your clipboard that gyazo doesn’t.


gyazo is the best leading software for creating screenshots from your screen. It is highly useful for those who want to show their screen or Internet marketers that want to show your income to anybody else. Many also used it for creating tutorials and articles that require some screen shots. It uploads the image files to your gyazo account.

Oracle Virtual box


If you want to use Windows 7 on your Windows 10 PC, then the Virtual box is a nice tool to do that. You just need to install Oracle Virtual box and create a new virtual machine where you will install your Windows 7 installation. You can also install various other operating systems that you require using it.



Skype is a nice communication tool for your Windows PC. You can also make local and international calls at very cheap rate using it. For making calls, you have to purchase Skype credits using the Skype website. It also provides chat logs for various reasons. You can also add your friends and people that you require by searching them on Skype.

Thanks for reading my article, if you have any problems regarding this article or want to contact me regarding any of the programs listed in this list, you can surely contact us by writing a comment below or posting to our email using contact us page.